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A building information model is a digital representation of the building process that facilitates exchange of information in digital format. BIM is more than just a shift from paper-based design to electronic design. Its parametric information makes possible accurate cost estimates, simulations, scheduling, and energy analysis. Furthermore, BIM facilitates coordination with engineering, fabricating and construction partners. AutoCAD Architectural provides target-intensive BIM outsourcing services. This helps to communicate, collaborate and design information-related models to all involved in the process of design and execution.

AutoCAD Architectural helps greatly improve productivity by creating an avenue for the creation, storage, distribution and communication of design sensitive information through an intelligent 3D model. This model helps in streamlining and identifying information from all levels of inputs like architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors, distributors, owners and manufacturers.

These are some of the advantages this approach offers:

  • Using cost attributing features of the model to assess alternative design and construction.
  • Virtually co-ordinate contract documents and shop drawings to identify and resolve geometric conflicts in advance of construction.
  • Creating a 4D schedule to optimize sequence of construction, manage project logistics and communicate the project plan to subcontractors in coordination meetings and proactively make adjustments based on their feedback.